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Protein and Peptide Synthesis

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Peptidyl-carrier Proteins

PSI researchers have determined the structure of a new class of peptidyl-carrier proteins, helping to understand how cells make exotic peptides without using ribosomes.

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Research Advances

  • Protein and Peptide Synthesis Sensing Energy Balance

    Protein and Peptide Synthesis: Sensing Energy Balance
    Complementary structural, genetic, biochemical and biophysical approaches identify a new translation regulator that responds to changing ATP/ADP ratios.

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  • Protein and Peptide Synthesis Coming Full Circle

    Protein and Peptide Synthesis: Coming Full Circle
    A search for a plant peptidase ends with the discovery of one of the fastest peptide ligases.

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Technical Highlights

  • Predicting Protein Crystal Candidates

    Predicting Protein Crystal Candidates
    An improved algorithm predicts whether a protein will be amenable to crystallization for structural studies.

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  • Electron Diffraction Made Practical

    Electron Diffraction Made Practical
    Continuous-rotation MicroED solves protein structures by electron diffraction of microcrystals.

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