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Deciphering Microbial DUFs

PSI researchers are characterizing domains of unknown function in microbes, and discovering new protein folds in the process.

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Research Advances

  • Microbiome Artificial Sweeteners Induce Unhealthy Metabolism

    Microbiome: Artificial Sweeteners Induce Unhealthy Metabolism
    Artificial sweeteners alter metabolism through shifts in the distribution of gut microbiota species.

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  • Microbiome When Form Doesnt Equal Function

    Microbiome: When Form Doesn't Equal Function
    The characterization of three proteins from the human microbiome extends our understanding of PLP-dependent enzymes.

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Technical Highlights

  • Microbiome Expanding the Gut Gene Catalog

    Microbiome: Expanding the Gut Gene Catalog
    An international effort has identified nearly ten million genes belonging to microbes hosted by diverse human guts.

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  • Microbiome Fiber Degraders Revealed

    Microbiome: Fiber Degraders Revealed
    A combination of phylogenetic, genomic and structural analyses identifies two new glycoside hydrolase families.

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